Get ready for more gun-fu

John Wick: Chapter 3 will be locked, loaded, and ready to roll…in a couple years. The third installment of the Keanu Reeves-led gun-fu actioner has been officially scheduled for release on May 17, 2019.

The first film, released in October 2014, introduced the Matrix star as a retired hitman who storms back with a vengeance when the son of a mob boss jacks his car and kills his dog. John Wick brought in $88.8 million worldwide, leading to Chapter 2, which earned $171.5 million.

Spoiler warning: Hitting theaters this past February, the second film ended with John running off with his new dog as an enemy of The Continental after spilling the blood of his enemy in the hotel. Now everyone is out to get the one dubbed Baba Yaga.

Chad Stahelski, who directed John Wick with Deadpool 2 helmer David Leitch, returned to direct the sequel.

John Wick 2
Credit: Niko Tavernise

“I love the character and the world. Whether or not I get the chance to do another chapter is really up to the audience,” Reeves told EW ahead of the release of Chapter 2. “If they enjoy what we did — and hopefully they do, fingers-crossed, I really dig it — but if they do enjoy it, then I’ll have the chance to continue the story of the character and the world.”

Laurence Fishburne reunited with his Matrix costar in the last film, which also featured Ruby Rose, Ian McShane, Common, Lance Reddick, and John Leguizamo.

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