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There’s been a trend going back the last 20 years or so of movies with short, punchy titles — half of which is dedicated to the good ol’ U.S. of A.

Whether this has to do with market research showing that Americans love America or because “American” movies are bound to show up in alphabetized OnDemand titles first, movie theaters are running rampant with national pride.

Last week saw the release of American Assassin, starring Dylan O’Brien and Michael Keaton. And this Friday, we’re getting Tom Cruise in American Made. So in this time of great American Strife, let’s take a second to rank the 25 most significant American Movies (two words or fewer), completely free of context.

27. American Ninja

26. American Anthem

25. American Reunion

24. American Wedding

23. American Dreamz

22. American Pastoral

21. American Assassin

20. American Ultra

19. American Sniper

18. American Pie 2

17. American Teen

16. American Made

15. American Hustle

14. American Gangster

13. The American

12. American Movie

11. American Pie

10. American History X

9. The American Friend

8. American Psycho

7. An American Tail

6. American Gigolo

5. The American President

4. American Beauty

3. American Honey

2. American Graffiti

1. American Splendor

American Assassin

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