Official couple name: PennyDook

By Dana Schwartz
September 13, 2017 at 12:55 PM EDT
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Look, I don’t decide these things. The internet has concluded that Pennywise, the clown from Stephen King’s It which manifests every 27 years to torment the town Derry, Maine, is in a committed relationship with fellow gay horror movie villain, The Babadook.

The case for reading the Babadook as an LGTBQ character hit a fever pitch back in June during Pride Month. “This creature is trying to come out and be seen,” Michael Varrati, who curates Comic-Con International’s yearly queer horror panel, told Mic. “By internet culture standards, it’s a gay hero. The Babadook just wants to step out of the dark and into the light.” And that doesn’t even take into account his chic black overcoat, on-trend strobing and contouring makeup look, and commitment to being a hat person.

Pennywise shares the Babadook’s taste in attention-grabbing fashion: in the 2017 adaptation, he dons a massive ruffle and very-fashion-forward statement sleeves. It looks Victorian-era, and it’s definitely vintage. Pennywise loves vintage shopping. We know that Pennywise loves making an entrance and being the center of attention (I mean, so Pennywise to make it all about him and crawl out of a photo projector) plus he set up an entire dance box for himself to perform in his sewer lair. Besides, those lines from his red lip that pull up past his eyes are sharp enough to cut children’s throats. If he wanted to, It could nail a winged eyeliner too.

Over the past few days, the gay power couple has captured the attention of fervent shippers on Twitter and Tumblr. Just imagine the two of them holding hands while crawling backward, crab-style together through the sewers, doing each other’s makeup, and sharing a romantic meal of child flesh. They’d grin terrifying, toothy grins at each other as they share their first dance at their wedding, perfectly choreographed and set to the music of an out-of-tune organ playing over unearthly moans.

All that’s left is their couple name. Team PennyDook all the way.


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