'Stranger Things' star David Harbour is seeing red in the title role

Hellboy (2019 movie)

A new era has officially dawned. On Wednesday, nine years after Ron Perlman’s last stint as Hellboy, fans finally got their first look at David Harbour’s take on the big red demon hunter.

Hellboy creator Mike Mignola tweeted out the photo, featuring Harbour done up in real-deal Hellboy red. Harbour’s Hellboy is holding his trusty gun The Good Samaritan in his left hand (his right hand, of course, is made of stone — it’s the Right Hand of Doom, destined to unlock the prison of an ancient dragon and unleash the end of all things). This Hellboy appears to have longer hair than the Perlman version, which combined with the shirtlessness could suggest a more primal vibe — which would fit with Milla Jovovich’s casting as the villainous Blood Queen, who in Mignola’s Hellboy comics unleashed an epic war between humankind and mythological monsters.

Harbour also tweeted, but later deleted, an additional photo; this black-and-white image saw Hellboy back in his familiar trench coat, alongside “Sympathy for the Devil” lyrics.

Lionsgate’s Hellboy reboot has been in the news lately. After British actor Ed Skrein’s casting as the Japanese-American character Ben Daimio generated whitewashing criticism, Skrein respectfully stepped down from the role. This week, it was announced Daniel Dae Kim would replace him.

Check out the photo below, and catch up on everything we know about the new Hellboy movie here.

Hellboy (2019 movie)
David Harbour and Neil Marshall's reboot is more like 'Hellbro.'
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