The young actor filmed a PSA for the film's previews

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Stephen King horror novel adaptation It broke box office records when it debuted with a $123 million opening weekend last week. Now, the creepy little raincoat-bedecked boy from the movie is about to break records for children scaring full-grown adults. (Eat your heart out, Linda Blair.)

The cinema chain Alamo Drafthouse (the same people who brought you the clowns-only screening of the film) are known for tailoring previews and commercials before their films to fit the theme of the movie they precede. Their latest features Jackson Robert Scott, who plays Georgie in It, the little boy who has a fateful encounter with the evil clown Pennywise, in a truly horrifying but also kind of cute (?) PSA. In it, Georgie, with his signature raincoat and red balloon, tells audience members if they talk or text during the movie, “You’ll float, too.”

This, of course, echoes the line Pennywise says to little Georgie, which Georgie’s ghost later repeats to his older brother, Bill, after luring him down to their family’s basement. Alamo Drafthouse has always threatened to kick you out for talking, but death by demonic clown has never been on the table!

Watch his video above.

It (2017)

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