The actor has already gone blond and started putting on weight


Christian Bale is something of a shapeshifter. For certain roles, the actor has been known to radically change his body size — such as when he got rail-thin for The Machinist. Now, it appears Bale is back at the body transformation game — albeit in the opposite direction.

When Bale showed up at the Toronto International Film Festival to promote his new film Hostiles, much attention was focused on his upcoming (though still untitled) Dick Cheney biopic. Bale looked radically different, with blond eyebrows and an obvious increase in weight. When asked by Variety about his weight-gain regimen, Bale explained, “I’m just eating a lot of pies.”

Bale’s costars on the Adam McKay-directed film include Steve Carrell (playing former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld) and Amy Adams (playing Cheney’s wife Lynne). Sam Rockwell is also in talks to play former President George W. Bush.

Watch the clip below and see Bale’s transformation for yourself.

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Adam McKay’s film, starring Christian Bale as Cheney, is slick, wildly meta, and occasionally too-clever.
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