The film's director, screenwriter, and producers are all expected to return

The new adaptation of Stephen King’s It, featuring that demonic clown Pennywise, is out this weekend. But that won’t be the last viewers are hearing from the Losers’ Club — EW has confirmed that New Line Cinemas is already moving forward on plans for a sequel.

As book readers know, King’s original novel flips back and forth between two times that the Losers battled the monster: First as children, later as adults. The new film, by contrast, focuses exclusively on the earlier story (set in the ’50s in the novel and the ’80s in this movie), leaving the “adult” versions of the Losers’ Club to a sequel. As a result, it’s unclear who will be cast and which actors from the first part will return for the second. (Though the young actors of the Losers’ Club have some ideas.)

Behind the scenes, however, several players are expected back. EW has confirmed that screenwriter Gary Dauberman has closed a deal to return for the sequel. Director Andy Muschietti is also expected to return, but his deal is not done yet. Producers Barbara Muschietti, Roy Lee, Dan Lin, Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg are expected back. The Hollywood Reporter was first to break the news.

It hits theaters on Friday. Check out EW’s review here.

It (2017)
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