Drama is released, Oct. 13

In the new film Haze (out Oct. 13), a college freshman’s desire to join a fraternity is threatened when his older brother launches an anti-hazing crusade following a brutal death.

“Hollywood has always been fascinated with Greek Life, but ever since the seminal Animal House, the genre tends towards comedy, and the depictions of hazing are usually innocuous,” says the film’s writer-director David Burkman, in a statement. “Haze is an uncompromising look at what really goes on behind fraternity and sorority house walls.”

Haze stars Kirk Curran, Mike Blejer, Jeremy O’Shea, Kristin Rogers and Sophia Medley. The film is produced by Burkman and Jayme Aronberg.

Haze is released in cinemas Oct. 13 and is being made available on digital platforms by Gravitas Ventures from Oct. 17.

Exclusively watch the trailer for Haze above.