By Derek Lawrence
September 06, 2017 at 06:33 PM EDT
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Pennywise is set to terrorize audiences across the country this weekend when Stephen King’s It is released in theaters. But well before that, Bill Skarsgård was scaring his costars.

During an interview with EW sister company INSTANT, Wyatt Oleff, who plays a member of The Losers’ Club, recalled the young actors’ first time meeting Skarsgård in his Pennywise costume.

“They actually separated Bill and The Losers’ Club to make us not know what he’d look like, so that the first reaction would be really raw,” he said, noting they had only seen a picture released online. “We were definitely scared from that, but seeing him in person for the first time… he’s 6’4″ and looming over you with clown makeup and his getup. It was definitely scary at first, until he was really nice and shook our hands and was really cool.”

Luckily, Skarsgård’s whole vibe didn’t scream terrifying killer clown creature. Added Oleff, “Also, seeing him with just a tank top and his clown pants on and his clown makeup from his neck up, holding a cup of coffee was a little helpful to make me not be scared of him… but still scary.”

It floats into theaters on Friday.

Watch the INSTANT interview above.

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