Lady Gaga is the latest musician to get the behind-the-scenes documentary treatment.

Netflix has released the trailer for Gaga: Five Foot Two, which follows the Grammy-winner through the ups-and-downs of the production and release of her recent album, Joanne.

Ahead of its Sept. 22 release on the streaming service, director Chris Moukarbel’s film is set to premiere at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival.

“This was a true documentary made of my life, meaning I gave everyone access to what I wanted everyone to have access to. I decided what they could and could not film and [what could] be in the movie,” Gaga recently told EW of the doc. “I’m excited for people to see it, but it’s not intended to lay a framework for anything. It’s intended just to be true and honest.”

Filmed over the course of eight months, the preview gives glimpses in shopping trips — and security shutting down filming in a Walmart — her Super Bowl halftime show, getting a Joanne tattoo, taking in a hug from Donatella Versace, and much more.

Watch the trailer above.

Gaga: Five Foot Two
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