The two were in town to premiere 'Suburbicon' at the Venice Film Festival

By Yvonne Juris
September 03, 2017 at 03:55 PM EDT

George Clooney photobombed longtime pal Matt Damon, 46, as the actor posed with a waiter in a Venetian restaurant. As Damon smiles and points to the waiter, Clooney can been seen ducking into the shot with a playful smile.

The two were in Venice for the 74th Venice Film Festival, to premiere Suburbicon — which Clooney directed and co-wrote. Damon, who stars in the film, recently sat down for an Entertainment Tonight interview with Clooney to promote the dark comedy. During that interview, Clooney opened up about his twins  — Ella and Alexander, both 3 months — and their developing personalities.

“He’s a moose! Literally, he just sits and he eats,” the 56-year-old father of two said about his son, Alex.

“He looks like he could bounce right now, some place in Hollywood,” Damon replied.

Damon also opened up about how Clooney has changed since he’s known him.

“Sure, he’s changed. He’s evolved, but he’s the same in a lot of critical ways,” the 46-year-old Jason Bourne star told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview published Friday. “In all the important ways, he’s the same; he’s got a huge heart, he’s incredibly loyal, and he’s really, really smart.”

The two first met in 1999, as Clooney was coming off of his breakout, Emmy-nominated stint on NBC’s ER.

“He’s changed his career, in a way,” Damon said. “When I met him, he was just coming off ER; he was known as this massive TV star. People didn’t understand how talented he was; they just thought he was this really handsome, matinee-idol TV star.”

Photobombs aside, Clooney also turned heads in Venice on Saturday when he and wife Amal with their first red carpet appearance  since welcoming their twins.

For their red carpet appearance at the Venice Film Festival, Amal wore a stunning lilac Versace gown and George kept things classic in an Armani tux.