Film to be released later this year

The science fiction-comedy sequel Lazer Team 2 asks, and we assume answers, a very simple question: What happened to the idiots from the first film?

“In the first Lazer Team, there’s four losers in a small town in Texas that accidentally shoot down an alien courier ship that’s bringing a suit of armor for one human being to wear and be the champion of earth,” says Burnie Burns, who cowrote the film and plays one of the quartet. “Unfortunately, the four idiots each put on a different piece of the armor, and it genetically locks to them, so they’re stuck. Instead of having the champion of earth, we have now Lazer Team. In the second movie it’s, ‘What happened to the Lazer Team since the aliens attacked earth?’ Kind of, ‘Where are they now? And what are we doing about the imminent alien threat that still exists in the galaxy?'”

New cast members include Nichole Bloom, from NBC’s Superstore. Who does she play?

“I’ve got to be careful what I say here,” hesitates Burns, who is also the chief creative officer of Rooster Teeth, which is producing the film with Fullscreen. “She plays a scientist that is critical to the adventure that we go out on.”

So, does Burns have more plans for the franchise’s idiot-heroes?

“Yeah — it was a lot of fun,” he says. “I don’t understand our obsession with trilogies. I like the idea of making every story its own story and maybe they’re connected to one another. I’ve felt like, every trilogy that’s ever been out there, the middle story ends up as kind of an inbetween tale. With Lazer Team 2, I wanted to make sure we told a tale that was completely encapsulated by but did continue the adventures. So, hopefully we’ll have the opportunity to make some more.”

Lazer Team 2 is written by Burns, Daniel Fabelo and Matt Hullum and co-directed by Daniel Fabelo and Matt Hullum. The film also stars Colton Dunn, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Victoria Pratt.

Lazer Team 2 will premiere on YouTube Red, later this year. You can hear the full interview with Burns on Sirius XM’s Entertainment Weirdly, which airs on the EW Channel, 1pm ET, Aug. 28.

Watch the trailer for the original Lazer Team, above.