'Guardians of the Galaxy' star talks new 'Avengers' movie

Guardians of the Galaxy and Blade Runner 2049 actor Dave Bautista has packed a lot into his relatively short acting career. But Bautista says working with Robert Downey Jr. on the recently-shot Avengers: Infinity War (out May 4, 2018) was a particularly memorable experience.

“It was pretty surreal, man, it was pretty surreal,” says the actor, who reprises his Guardians role of Drax in the film. “I’ve been a fan of Robert Downey Jr. since I was very young, and watched him perform my whole life, growing, up. Working with him was a surreal dream come true. But the cool thing about that is, I had met him well before we worked together, and well before they announced the Guardians were even going to be a part of Avengers. He went out of his way to come up, and compliment me about my performance in [the first] Guardians, which was something special to me, especially at that point, where I was just starting my career. He literally went out of his way to come up, and tell me how much he loved my performance, and loved Guardians of the Galaxy, and that meant the world to me. It put me at ease with him. Those are were my best memories, on the set of Avengers, was working with him, because I looked up to him for so many years as a performer.”

Watch the trailer for the home entertainment release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 above and the one for Bautista’s new film Bushwick, below.

Bushwick is now out on VOD and digital HD.

Avengers: Infinity War
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