Fans will have the chance to unlock a never-before-seen 'Last Jedi' character

Ever wanted to hang out with Admiral Ackbar? A new Star Wars virtual reality initiative is giving you that chance — and no, it’s not a trap.

Two years ago, Star Wars launched Force Friday, a massive retail blitz that unveiled a huge line of The Force Awakens products and merchandise. Now, with The Last Jedi on the horizon, the franchiseis gearing up for the even-bigger-and-better Force Friday II, which kicks off Sept. 1 and will see the global unveiling of all sorts of Star Wars-themed goodies. To celebrate, Disney and Lucasfilm have announced an enormous augmented reality treasure hunt called “Find the Force,” allowing fans to unlock and interact with their favorite Star Wars characters.

Between Sept. 1 and Sept. 3, more than 20,000 retail locations across 30 countries will be decked out with “Find the Force” logos, and fans who download the Star Wars app can use it to scan those logos, unlocking a nifty augmented reality experience with various Star Wars characters. You can then take photos and share video of the experience, like some sort of intergalactic Pokémon Go.

There’ll be 15 total characters to unlock over the three-day event, including, most interestingly, one never-before-seen character from The Last Jedi.

Credit: Disney

The full experience will kick off Sept. 1, but you can actually check out a sneak peek right now. Just download the Star Wars app and use the “Find the Force” feature to scan the picture of Rey below — and you’ll unlock an adorable augmented reality version of The Last Jedi’s cutest new creatures: porgs.

Credit: Disney

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will hit theaters Dec. 15. For more details on Force Friday II and the “Find the Force” treasure hunt, head to