Plus, co-director Ben Safdie explains the film's 'not ironic' title

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Robert Pattinson says he wanted to disappear into his role in Good Time, the Cannes hit about a brotherly bank robbery gone wrong, and called his anonymity while filming the movie a “necessity.” His dramatic transformation for the film included bleach blond highlights, pockmarks, and a greasy beard, so the heartthrob was practically unrecognizable.

“I knew that if there was any kind of recognition from either the people on the street or paparazzi or whatever, even if it’s just one person, then that illusion is broken in a second,” the Twilight alum said during a panel on Entertainment Weekly: The Show. “So it was a relief, but also kind of felt like a necessity.”

Co-director Josh Safdie also wanted to dispel any rumors that the title of the film is ironic. “We’re not ironic people,” he explained, saying that originally the film showed more of Connie (Pattinson) in prison, who is then released on his “good time” or good behavior. “We actively looked at other titles, but it became iconic.”

Good Time arrives in theaters this Friday, Aug. 25.

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