New York celebration of big screen terror takes place, Oct. 12-15

By Clark Collis
August 16, 2017 at 02:09 PM EDT

If you like gross weirdness (and, really, who doesn’t?), then last year’s inaugural Brooklyn Horror Film Festival was very much an event worthy of your attention, thanks to screenings of the Johnny Galecki-starring The Master Cleanse, Jackson Stewart’s directorial debut Beyond the Gates, and the polarizing, but certainly unforgettable We Are the Flesh, among other movies. This year’s event, which takes place in the titular New York borough from Oct. 12-15, looks equally intriguing — and icky — judging by the festival’s just-made-public first wave announcement.

The opening night film is Housewife, which is directed by Baskin filmmaker Can Evrenol and concerns a woman who struggles with separating her nightmares from reality after she meets a charismatic psychic with a secret agenda. Other new films screening at the festival include Tyler MacIntyre’s much-admired-on-the-festival-circuit Tragedy Girls and Sequence Break, which is directed by Beyond the Gates star Graham Skipper and pays homage to the body horror genre pioneered by David Cronenberg. This year’s BHFF also offers a showcase of Mexican horror films and a Friday the 13th mini-marathon, during which the first four entries from the franchise will be screened.

“If our debut year’s program in 2016 focused on trying to push horror’s boundaries and challenge the genre’s preconceptions, then our 2017 edition is that mission both amplified and perfected,” said senior programmer Matt Barone in a statement. “We looked all around the globe for the most unique and boldest horror, and what we’ve assembled proves that the genre is in an incredible place right now.”

Learn more about the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival at the event’s official website.

Watch a scene from Sequence Break, above.

Andrew Abbott/The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival