By Nick Romano
August 15, 2017 at 11:57 AM EDT
THE WITCH, Anya Taylor-Joy, 2015. ©A24/courtesy Everett Collection
Credit: A24/Everett Collection
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Split star Anya Taylor-Joy and director Robert Eggers put themselves on the map with The Witch, a breakout horror film from 2015. Now they could soon be working together again to put their stamp on a genre classic: Nosferatu.

EW has confirmed that Taylor-Joy is in negotiations to star in the remake of the iconic 1922 vampire film, which told of the blood-sucking Count Orlok becoming enamored with the wife of a real-estate agent as he tries to find a new home in the Transylvania mountains. Specifics of who the actress might play are currently unknown.

Eggers told EW in February of 2016 that the remake was on his wish list of future projects, and he then confirmed to IndieWire’s Filmmaker Toolkit Podcast in November that he would make it his next project. “It feels ugly and blasphemous and egomaniacal and disgusting for a filmmaker in my place to do Nosferatu next. I was really planning on waiting a while, but that’s how fate shook out,” he said.

The filmmaker explained how he grew up on a diet of horror films and directed a high school production of Nosferatu at the age of 17. He was then hired by a local theater owner to make a professional-grade version.

“That’s when I realized this is what I want to be doing,” Eggers recalled. “Nosferatu has a very close, magical connection for me. Though if I were to make the movie 17-year-old Rob was going to make of Nosferatu, it would have been something between like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Sin City, whereas this is going to be the same approach as The Witch, where 1830s Biedermeier Baltic Germany needs to be articulated in a way that seems real.”

A rep for Eggers could not immediately be reached for comment.

Since catching eyes with her performance in The Witch, a film about a colonial family terrorized by dark, supernatural occurrences, Taylor-Joy has since appeared on the big screen in the horror-thriller Morgan, the Barack Obama biopic Barry, and M. Night Shyamalan’s Split.

She’ll return again for Glass, the finale to the secret Unbreakable trilogy, and she’s currently filming 20th Century Fox’s X-Men spin-off New Mutants.


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