Director Nathan Silver's sexy romantic drama boasts voiceover narration from an Oscar-winning actress

Director Nathan Silver (no relation to the election stats guru) has been building a filmography of unique, intimate black comedies and dramas, including 2009’s Soft in the Head, 2014’s Uncertain Terms and last year’s fascinating Actor Martinez (co-directed with Mike Ott). Lindsay Burdge, one of the stars of the latter, headlines Silver’s newest movie, starring as an airline flight attendant who upends her routine life after falling for a Frenchman in Paris (Damien Bonnard).

Thirst Street
Credit: In Vivo Films

Thirst Street premiered in April at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival, where it was greeted with positive reviews. You can detect from the exclusive trailer (above) the movie’s offbeat, dreamy tone and the halo warmth of cinematographer Sean Price Williams’ visuals. (He’s also winning praise for the Robert Pattinson starrer Good Time, out Aug 11.)

And you’ll hear a familiar voice at the beginning of the trailer. Morgan Freeman may have cornered the market on voiceover narration in movies, but Thirst Street boasts Oscar-winner Anjelica Huston as an omniscient voice that guides the story along — and often, in one the film’s nicest touches, comments dryly on the behavior of the main character.

Thirst Street is being released theatrically by Samuel Goldwyn Films. It opens on Sept. 20 in New York and Sept. 29 in Los Angeles.