'Awaken the Shadowman' is available now on VOD

By Sara Vilkomerson
August 07, 2017 at 04:00 PM EDT

Awaken the Shadowman, currently available on VOD, is a psychological thriller about a pair of estranged brothers that reunite after their mother (Jean Smart) disappears to discover an unknown supernatural force. It’s one of those movies that will get up into your skin and brain and subconscious and just…stay there. In other words: this is a scary, scary, movie.

Jean Smart, for one, knows this and even seems to feel a little bit badly when talking to a terrified EW writer. “I apologize,” Smart says with a laugh. “I don’t watch movies like this either because I get scared so easily! If you live alone it might be tough to watch.” (Watch the trailer below if you are want to know what we mean.)

Written and directed by Woodrow Wilson Hancock III, Skyler Caleb and James Zimbardi, the film centers on Adam (Zimbardi), who is forced to bring his new wife and baby home after his mother’s disappearance and to deal with the strained relationship with his brother, Jake (Caleb), as they try to figure out what has happened. A group called “Gateways” also starts to take on a more sinister influence. “It’s a little Rosemary’s Baby-ish,” says Smart. “I think the psychologically scary movies end up being the ones that are the most scary. You know, not the monster ones but the ones that leave you too scared to even look in your closet.”

Filming the movie was a different matter — “I had a great time,” says Smart, who has worked with Skyler Caleb before and didn’t hesitate when he asked her to play his mom on film. “When you’re in the movie it’s not scary at all.”

You can watch Awaken the Shadowman on iTunes and Amazon now.