The video store chain has only a few surviving locations, including one with a sense of humor
A Blockbuster video rental store is show
Credit: ROBERT SULLIVAN/AFP/Getty Images

Despite what you may believe, Blockbuster is alive and well. Okay, maybe not well, but alive and possessing a funny Twitter account.

The video store chain has only a few remaining locations in the world. But one of them, which dubs itself “The Last Blockbuster,” has plenty of DVDs and hilarious tweets in stock.

The account touches both on timely issues, such as the Donald Trump and Russia allegations, as well as nostalgic references to actors from Blockbuster’s heyday, like 40 Days and 40 Nights star Josh Hartnett.

According to an interview last year with The Daily Dot, the store employees who take turns running the account have found some advantages to getting online.

“Instead of lying down, we dug into research and found the problem wasn’t the Internet, it was that we lost touch with our consumers,” they said. “This account was created to get face-to-face with them and build a personal relationship for a better Blockbuster future. And to contact people who owe us late fees.”

See some of the store’s best tweets below.