Found footage horror film is released, Aug. 18

By Clark Collis
July 27, 2017 at 05:34 PM EDT

“Those people that we brought here to interview — they’re not people!!!”

Hey, now that’s not something you want to hear when you’re working on a documentary.

The new found-footage horror film The Monster Project concerns three young filmmakers who set out to find and interview people claiming to be “real” monsters. What could possibly go wrong with that plan? Well, unfortunately for them, they uncover a much bigger and — judging by the film’s just-released trailer — terrifying story than expected. Does this kind of thing ever happen to Ken Burns? We suspect not!

The Monster Project is directed by Victor Mathieu and stars Toby Hemingway (Black Swan), Justin Bruening (Grey’s Anatomy, Ringer), and Yvonne Zima (Iron Man 3). The film opens in select theaters, Aug. 18.

Watch the trailer for The Monster Project, above.