The Suburbicon trailer has the Coen Brothers written all over it — and that’s because Joel and Ethan Coen wrote the initial script. Matt Damon plays a father living in idyllic suburbia with his family in the summer of 1959, but his run-in with the mob leads to his wife’s murder and transforms this quintessential image of the American Dream into a war with the town’s seedy underbelly.

George Clooney came on to helm Suburbicon at the tail end of 2015, following up on the actor’s directing turn on 2014’s The Monuments Men. The script has since been worked over by Clooney and his writing partner Grant Heslov. Now, as the film heads to screen at the Venice Film Festival later this year, the first footage has landed online through this trailer.

There are hints of Coen-esque moments, like a blood-splattered Damon calmly eating a finely-cut sandwich, and later when he anxiously rides away from a flaming car on a kids bicycle. Clooney has a long history with the Coens, but so does the main cast: Julianne Moore appeared in 1998’s The Big Lebowski, Damon featured in 2010’s True Grit, and Oscar Isaac had a breakthrough moment in his career with 2013’s Inside Llewyn Davis.

“I’ll do anything with [Clooney],” Damon said at CinemaCon. “I think we’ve done seven movies together now, and he’s just a great director. I love all the movies that he’s directed, and it just makes it a really easy choice when he calls.”

Suburbicon opens in theaters on Oct. 27. Watch the trailer above.

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