Henry Cavill’s mustache became news this week after it was reported the facial hair Cavill grew for his role in Paramount’s Mission: Impossible 6 had become an impediment for Warner Bros. and the Justice League producers working on the superhero film’s reshoots. Now, in response, Cavill is hoping to “finally set the record straight in this moustache fiasco” by using a cheeky Instagram post.

“Pictured above is not a set on MI6 but is, in fact, the latest in a series of weapons being designed by Warner Bros. and Paramount Studios to combat the entity known as ‘Henry Cavill’s Moustache,'” Cavill wrote alongside a set photo. “There has been no discussion over whether to shave or not to shave for the JL reshoots, simply a relentless campaign to put an end to the seemingly inexorable conquest of this despotic ‘stache. It is not a question of IF I should shave — it is a question of how can we possibly be victorious against such a beast without bringing our own doom raining down upon us.”

Cavill used the following hashtags on his post: #MI6, #JusticeLeague, #HenryCavillsMoustache, #HopeIsAllWeHaveLeft, #MoustacheImpossible.

On Monday, Variety reported that Justice League was undergoing reshoots before its November release and that Cavill’s scheduling had become “thorny” because of his Mission: Impossible work. “New scenes that are being shot have required him to jump back and forth from each production. Because of this, a mustache he grew for his character in the Mission: Impossible sequel will have to be digitally removed in post-production,” claimed Variety.

Cavill is the latest member of the Mission: Impossible crew to find humor in the report, following on the heels of director Christopher McQuarrie.

“In exactly one year you’ll understand: The only way to keep a fake ‘stache on Henry Cavill would be a liberal dose of staples,” McQuarrie wrote on Twitter this week. Mission: Impossible 6 is out in theaters on July 27, 2018.