By Clark Collis
July 25, 2017 at 03:37 PM EDT
Credit: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/Paramount Pictures

The Coen brothers may have temporarily abandoned the big screen to make the James Franco-starring Western TV show The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, but Joel and Ethan will still have a presence in cinemas this fall thanks to the George Clooney-directed Suburbicon (out Oct. 27). Based on a script the Coens wrote back in the ’80s, which was subsequently reworked by Clooney and regular writing partner Grant Heslov, the film stars Matt Damon, Julianne Moore, Oscar Isaac, and young actor Noah Jupe.

What is the film about? Well, that’s where matters get a little vaguer. “Suburbicon is a peaceful, idyllic suburban community with affordable homes and manicured lawns…the perfect place to raise a family, and in the summer of 1959, the Lodge family is doing just that,” states the official plot synopsis. “But the tranquil surface masks a disturbing reality, as husband and father Gardner Lodge (Matt Damon) must navigate the town’s dark underbelly of betrayal, deceit, and violence. This is a tale of very flawed people making very bad choices. This is Suburbicon.”

Credit: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/Paramount Pictures
Credit: Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/Paramount Pictures

You can see the first images from Suburbicon above.