Now the story of an unconventional family and the one Jedi who had no choice but to keep them all together. It’s “Arrested Rebellion,” a new mash-up video from Nerdist that merges together Star Wars and Arrested Development.

The video, focusing primarily on George Lucas’ original Star Wars trilogy, is complete with soundbites of Ron Howard’s narration from the Arrested Development series. Han’s claims about the Millennium Falcon get a fact check and “footage not found” cutaway scenes, plus lots and lots of sarcasm.

There’s even a reference to J. Walter Weatherman and his “valuable lessons” when Luke Skywalker loses his hand, though there’s no, “And that’s why you don’t go against the Dark Side.”

This mash-up makes light of the situation with Lucasfilm’s young Han Solo prequel. Howard took over directing duties after the firing of Phil Lord and Chris Miller, mere weeks before production was set to wrap. He’s since been sharing behind-the-scenes images from the set, though he can’t seem to outrun Arrested Development.

Howard tweeted a video from Pinewood Studios where a photograph of a younger Scott Baio hung on the wall. He then retweeted a response from a fan, who wrote, “Bob Loblaw,” Baio’s character on the show.

The untitled Han Solo film is scheduled to hit theaters on May 25, 2018.

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