The breakout star and her castmates discuss the R-rated moment

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With Girls Trip in theaters this weekend, the scene everyone is going to be talking about is when scene-stealer Tiffany Haddish simulates an oral sex act with a grapefruit and a banana. It’s a technique that became famous thanks to a series of YouTube videos but, it’s safe to say, no one has done it quite like Haddish. EW reunited the four women in L.A. and talked about the breakout moment.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Ms. Haddish, can you explain this technique?

TIFFANY HADDISH: So basically what grapefruiting is is an act of love. You take a grapefruit and you cut it on both sides. You cut a hole in the middle of that and you place that on your man’s member. It’s best to get it if he doesn’t know it’s happening. You want to blindfold him and say, “Baby, I wanna do something freaky with you tonight!” Make it mystical and magical. Make sure the grapefruit is room temperature.

QUEEN LATIFAH: I gained a whole new respect for Tiffany after that.

REGINA HALL: I didn’t work that scene. When I came the next day, all I did was hear about that scene. I was like, “Damn, I really missed something.”

JADA PINKETT SMITH: She started getting love letters from the crew. Secret admirers.

HADDISH: That’s true. Somebody bought me something from Jared jewelry. [The group laughs.] All the guys started coming to my comedy shows.

Girls Trip is out now. Watch the video above for more.

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