Plus: What the gang from 'Stranger Things' would make of Pennywise

By Anthony Breznican
July 21, 2017 at 03:15 PM EDT

Sometimes when you are brutalized, beaten down, and defeated, the only thing you have left is to seize the weapon that’s being used against you and claim it as your own.

That’s how the kids in Stephen King’s classic horror novel It came to be known as The Losers.

At San Diego Comic-Con, the young actors who star in the Sept. 8 movie gathered at the Entertainment Weekly studio to explain how the mocking name their characters were called by a group of local bullies became a point of unity — even pride.

The things that make them different, that make them a laughing stock, end up bringing them together — not just to face down the bullies, but to confront an immortal, shape-shifting evil that fuels their town’s violent tendencies.

Credit: Matthias Clamer for EW

Only one Loser was missing: Jaeden Lieberher (Midnight Special), who plays Bill Denbrough, the stutterer who is searching for his little brother, Georgie, who vanished after coming into contact with Pennywise.

His fellow Losers were holding down the fort: (From the left) Chosen Jacobs, who plays Mike Hanlon, one of the only black kids in the otherwise all-white town of Derry, Maine; Sophia Lillis, whose Beverly Marsh comes from an abusive home; Finn Wolfhard’s class clown Richie Tozier; Wyatt Oleff’s Stan Uris, an actual Boy Scout who is teased relentlessly for being Jewish; Jeremy Ray Taylor, whose heavy-set Ben Hanscom endures no end of teasing; and Jack Dylan Grazer’s hypochondriac Eddie Kaspbrak.

All of these characters have missing pieces, but together they form something stronger than anyone – or any thing – could imagine.

Side note, for Pennywise aficionados — check out the crazy clowns on Lillis’ dress:

As a special bonus, Wolfhard — who plays Mike Wheeler on Stranger Things — offers some thoughts on what the kids from that show would make of Pennywise, given their propensity for fighting trans-dimensional monsters of their own.

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