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When actors are filming a movie, there’s usually a fair amount of downtime. In the case of the cast of Universal’s Girls Trip, star Tiffany Haddish took it upon herself to fill that downtime. “Haddish was the fun captain,” explains costar Queen Latifah.

The film, about four friends — Haddish, Latifah, Regina Hall, and Jada Pinkett Smith — traveling to New Orleans for Essence Fest, was shot on location in NOLA so there were ample opportunities for good times. EW recently reunited the four women to discuss one particularly memorable excursion involving alligators and Will Smith.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did you all get a chance to have fun in New Orleans?
TIFFANY HADDISH: I was in charge of activities. I’m a fan of Groupon and I get activities off of Groupon. I went to dinner with Jada and her husband. They asked me what I was doing the next day and I said “Oh I’m going on a Groupon swamp tour.”

REGINA HALL: I’m sure they never heard of the word Groupon.

JADA PINKETT SMITH: Had no idea what a Groupon was. I thought it meant you went with a group!

HADDISH: So we got to go on a swamp tour with a bunch of regular people. I feel like I brought a lotta joy to the public bringing them along. Jada was mad at first.

PINKETT SMITH: She doesn’t understand what kind of hysteria can happen and it can literally get dangerous.

HADDISH: I was like “Girl don’t worry about nothing. You’re with me — I’m from the ’hood!”

PINKETT SMITH: It turned out great. We had such a great time!

HADDISH: Everybody behaved themselves because they didn’t want to get kicked off a groupon!

HALL: Well not on a swamp tour with the alligators!

Is the Smith family now into Groupons?

PINKETT SMITH: [Tiffany] now sends me special Groupons. I have bought a few things on Groupon, I have to say.

HADDISH: You know what else Groupon’s got? You know sex toys be kind of expensive. You can get them for like $30-$50 or lower on Groupon and it’s still good quality.

QUEEN LATIFAH: Send me that one! Send me that link!

PINKETT SMITH: You can get silicon breasts. She sent me that Groupon! I don’t know if she was trying to tell me something.

HADDISH: No I wasn’t trying to tell you anything! I don’t think she needs to do anything to them — they’re perfect the way they are. But I was just trying to prove to her you can get anything done through Groupon.

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