Jared Leto: Not good!

As we inch closer to Blade Runner 2049‘s October release date, we have a new trailer to dig into for clues.

And this time, there’s more dialogue! (Also, the Real or Replicant game we’ve been playing since the cast has been announced seems to be getting a bit easier.)

We know that the film takes place in California 30 years after the events depicted in the 1982 Ridley Scott-directed original Blade Runner, and that Ryan Gosling plays an LAPD officer named K, who has the job of hunting down replicants that Harrison Ford’s Rick Deckard used to hold.

We begin with a kitchen chat between K and Dave Bautista (looking very different indeed from Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Drax), followed by a fight. We’ve got Jared Leto being insanely creepy and likening replicants to slaves — “but I can only build so many” — and appearing to be rather nefarious. There’s the long awaited reunion between Deckard and K, and plenty of action. Robin Wright seems to be on the side of the humans. Sylvia Hoeks? Not so much.

“The future of the species has finally unearthed,” Neander Wallace (Leto) intones at the end. We’ll have to wait until Oct. 6 to find out what that means.

Blade Runner 2049
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