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Avengers: Infinity War just got four new villains – and darkness is coming for our heroes.

At the Disney D23Expo on Saturday, not long after Marvel Studios premiered a secret trailer for the May 2018 film, we got a look at the Black Order – the four “children” of the mad titan Thanos.

Keep in mind, we’ve already met two of his “daughters” — Karen Gillan’s Nebula and Zoe Saldana’s Gamora, two of the beings he kidnapped and raised to fight and kill on his behalf. They have broken free of his control, but these four have not.

Josh Brolin, who is bringing to life the celestial madman, was on hand to help introduce his spawn. He was ceremonially presented the massive Infinity Gauntlet — complete with power stones — that the propmaster Russell Bobbitt created for the movie.

You can read more about Bobbitt, the man who provides the weaponry for the heroes and villains of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in EW’s visit to his workshop.

Here are the new characters, who truly are fresh off the shelf. They were only introduced to the Marvel Comics world in 2013:

Corvus Glaive – This enforcer, whose job was to shakedown planets for gifts that would enrich Thanos, was immortal as long as his mystical blade remained unbroken. He was married to …

Proxima Midnight – This warrior used her spear – which was forged from a sun trapped in an alternate reality – to launch a shattering attack on Black Panther’s nation of Wakanda.

Ebony Maw – Not the most powerful of the Black Order, but a brilliant and manipulative thinker who wields power of persuasion over most beings. He famously tangled with Doctor Strange in the comics.

Black Dwarf – Don’t let the name fool you. This brawler is physically hulking and has superhuman strength and nearly impenetrable muscle mass. The bigger they come, the harder they fall is a cliché – but it may apply here.

Performers for these creatures haven’t been announced, but the characters will at least partly be performed via motion capture.

We’ll be learning more as the destruction of Earth looms closer.

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