Actress shoots down suggestion her partner play president's son
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A playful casting suggestion is seemingly turning the stomach of The Big Sick star Zoe Kazan.

“Who will play [Donald Trump Jr.] in the inevitable movie? I’m gonna say Paul Dano,” The Daily Beast‘s Colin Jones tweeted Tuesday morning, referencing the actress’ partner (and fellow actor).

Kazan’s response? A simple “No.”

Her disapproval comes amid brewing controversy surrounding the president’s eldest child and his involvement in a potential scandal concerning the Trump campaign’s ties to foreign countries throughout the 2016 election cycle.

Via a New York Times article, news broke Monday that Trump Jr. had received a June 2016 email from a publicist, Rob Goldstone, representing a Russian lawyer requesting a meeting to discuss intel damning to Trump’s rival, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

In what he called an effort to remain “totally transparent,” the 39-year-old tweeted his email correspondence with Goldstone, who titled the chain “Russia – Clinton – private and confidential,” and promised his client would “provide the Trump campaign with some official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia and would be very useful to [Trump Jr.’s] father.”

The president has yet to tweet about the incident, though he has been actively defending his actions at the recent G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany, his recent discussion of a “Cyber Security” unit with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, and his dedication to making sure the Olympics are held in Los Angeles sometime in the near future.

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