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May 9 marked the 20th anniversary of the debut of Luc Besson’s sci-fi epic The Fifth Element, and Sony is celebrating by bringing Bruce Willis’ tight orange muscle shirt, Chris Tucker’s elaborate array of wigs, and Milla Jovovich’s famous chicken dinner into full 4K Ultra HD clarity.

The distributor has released its commemorative Blu-ray edition of the modern classic, starring Willis as a cab driver who, in the year 2263, crosses paths with a humanoid woman, Leeloo (Jovovich), and begins a quest to recover mystical stones that can be used to protect earth from an impending attack from the evil Zorg (Gary Oldman).

The Fifth Element
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“I tried to reinvent everything, like how the police is working in the [23rd] century, how the food is working,” Besson says in EW’s exclusive preview of a new featurette, The Director’s Notes: Luc Besson Looks Back, which appears on the disc. “I tried to make a list of all the themes of today, and I tried to reinvent it. I love that. It’s so funny, just to try to reinvent everything. When we started The Fifth Element, I had a bible of how to live in the [23rd] century. It was like 500 pages.”

Benson goes on to describe how production on the film was halted for a lengthy period after he’d spent a year prior prepping for the shoot.

“The film was out for almost two years,” he explains, noting that his subsequent film paved the way for the success of The Fifth Element. “[Next] I did Léon: The Professional, and it was very successful, and everybody [then] said, ‘Oh, what do you want to do next?'”

Also featured on the release are both theatrical and extended version of the movie in full 4K resolution with Dolby Atmos audio.

The Fifth Element is available now on Blu-ray in 4K Ultra HD only at Best Buy. Watch our sneak peek at the disc’s special features above, and be sure to read the exclusive oral history on the film in the latest issue of EW, on stands this Friday.

The Fifth Element

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