Director Bryan Singer shares rare footage from the set
Credit: Marvel

Stan Lee loves all his Marvel movie cameos, but he called the one for X-Men: Apocalypse “different” from all the rest. Why? Because it featured him alongside his wife, Joan Lee, who died at the age of 93 on Thursday in Los Angeles.

In the film, directed by Bryan Singer, Joan was spotted as the ancient mutant Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac) launched the world’s nuclear missiles. She held tight to Stan as they and the rest of humanity watched what looked to be the end of civilization.

“When you go see the next X-Men movie when it comes out, and see my fantastic cameo, you will say, ‘I remember he told me about it here,'” Lee teased during a panel at San Diego Comic-Con in 2015 (via Business Insider). “It’s a different cameo in that it has one additional thing in it.”

Singer posted a behind-the-scenes video of their time shooting the cameo that features a touching moment between the couple. “I am so saddened by the passing of #joanlee wife of my dear friend #stanlee #marvel #xmen,” the filmmaker wrote. “I was blessed to know her and be able to shoot a brief cameo with her and Stan.”

Gregg Schneider, who captured this moment on set, posted more images from production. “Stan and his wife Joan are the cutest most playful couple after being together 70 years, they both have 100 percent of their marbles, and are both so witty,” he recalled in post on Stan’s birthday in December.

Joan also performed voice roles in the Marvel animated series Spider-Man and Fantastic Four. The comic book company released a statement that read, “We lost a member of the Marvel family today and our thoughts and prayers go out to Stan and his daughter Joan in this difficult time.”

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