The actor went on a 'Rampage' when a producer compared the two stars

By Derek Lawrence
July 06, 2017 at 10:49 PM EDT
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Dwayne Johnson may hope to one day have a career like that of Tom Cruise, but he wants no part of the Mission: Impossible star’s running style.

On Thursday, Johnson shared an image of him sprinting in a scene from his upcoming adaptation of the 1980s arcade game Rampage. Along with the photo, the former University of Miami football defensive lineman broke down the differences between his form and Cruise’s patented movie run.

“While shooting this running scene all day, one of our producers said ‘Rock you’re running like Tom Cruise in his movies’.. I said stop the music right there,” wrote Johnson. “Nope. Cruise runs like 6 o’clock. Straight up and down, arms tight to the body like an offensive player running for the end zone. This is the run of a defensive headhunter. Forward lean, stride long, arms open and pumping. Intense eyes fixated on the target which my warrior ancestors lovingly referred to as your head. This running form is also called, ‘get me the f— outta here because there’s a genetically modified 50 TON BEAST that’s trying to eat me and all I wanted to do is just want to go home and have tequila and waffles.'”

Cruise’s running style has become an internet fascination — the YouTube channel Burger Friction previously produced a 19-minute video compilation of every time the actor has run in a movie.

Rampage, which also stars Naomie Harris and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, runs into theaters on April 20, 2018.


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