By Maureen Lee Lenker
July 06, 2017 at 04:21 PM EDT
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Prepare yourself for a cuteness overload.

Tom Holland and Zendaya sat down with their tiniest and most adorable interviewer during the press junket for Spider-Man: Homecoming. Mini Spider-Man, also known as Liam, quizzed the new Marvel stars with a round of quick-fire questions.

Holland was delighted by the interview, calling Liam his “favorite interviewer ever” and joking, “I see you’ve been going to the gym too. You’re looking really swole, man.”

When Liam asked the 21-year-old actor, “Can Spider-Man be afraid of spiders or heights?” Holland admitted he’s “very scared” of his hero’s namesake arachnids. “I don’t like spiders at all, but I love heights,” he said.

Liam also got to the bottom of who Holland thinks is the “coolest” superhero (Iron Man) and who is the most fun to hang out with (Ant-Man). In his interview, he asks Holland for advice on using his web shooters, tells knock-knock jokes with Zendaya and more.

Watch the video above for to see the pint-sized Spidey ask Holland for advice on using his web-shooters, tell knock-knock jokes with Zendaya, and more.

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  • 07/07/17
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