World UFO Day may have just passed, but that doesn’t mean we can’t experience a few more Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Sony Pictures released a mysterious trailer Monday titled “This means something,” meant to tease an exclusive theatrical re-release in time for its 40th anniversary, EW has learned.

The video — which you can watch above — features air traffic controllers tracking a colorful, unexplained craft of some kind slowly descending before simply disappearing. Interspersed throughout are “flashes” of scenes from the 1977 movie (below). In the final seconds, the site address for flashes across the screen, with the page it leads to asking visitors to “sign up” for news on UFO sightings.

Credit: Columbia Pictures; Sony
Credit: Columbia Pictures; Sony

The title itself is a reference to an iconic line from the movie which Richard Dreyfuss’ Roy Neary utters after building the famous mashed potato replica of the Devils Tower (a rock formation that is one of Wyoming’s national monuments). The Steven Spielberg-directed movie told the story of Neary’s determined attempts to contact alien intelligence (a.k.a. having a close encounter of the third kind) after he witnesses a UFO.

No word yet when Close Encounters‘ theatrical return will be, but it’s worth noting the anniversary is on Nov. 16.

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