Ingrid Jungermann's clever, assured debut film (with whiffs of the Coen Brothers and Woody Allen) opens in theaters on July 26

Women Who Kill

Who’s in the mood for an original romantic comedy…with macabre film noir overtones…which is also a satire about dating and the delirium of starting a new relationship?

Women Who Kill is the fantastic debut film by writer-director Ingrid Jungermann, creator of the web series F to 7th. As you can see in the exclusive trailer above, the story is about two podcasters (played by Jungermann and Ann Carr) in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood, who host a My Favorite Murder-style show about female serial killers. They’re also ex-girlfriends, and the wheels of their professional friendship begin to grind when Jungermann’s character starts dating a danger girl from the local co-op (Sheila Vand of A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night).

The movie generated buzz at film festivals over the last year, including in London, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, and at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival, where EW named it as one of the best films in the lineup.

Credit: Tribeca Film Festival

Regarding the movie’s unique, droll tone and tough-to-categorize genre, Jungermann tells EW, “The overarching joke of the film is that it’s in the suspense or horror genre — because it’s actually just a queer romantic comedy. I grew up in Florida as a Jehovah’s Witness, so my introduction into romantic relationships included anxiety and guilt and dread and fear. The foundation of the movie is comedy with layers of suspense and horror. And we took the suspense very seriously, which underlined the film’s playfulness.”

Women Who Kill is firmly rooted in its bourgeois, self-satirical Brooklyn setting. But Jungermann’s influences include the Coen Brothers’ blissful thriller-comedy Blood Simple (she shares with the Coens a great ear for deadpan wit), plus Woody Allen’s Crimes and Misdemeanors, the stylish Anjelica Huston/Annette Bening noir The Grifters, and the French director Claude Chabrol (The Butcher).

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And even though it’s such a blender-full of genres (and still clocks in at a perfect 91 minutes), the movie stands out as a sprightly entry in the LGBT category. And Jungermann, as in her web series, isn’t shy about lightly poking fun at herself — and the lesbian dating scene. “Our goal was to try to tell a compelling story about conflicted, imperfect people,” she says to EW. “And then make sure you offer your community a fair share of inside jokes.”

Check out the trailer above, and the movie’s official poster below.

Women Who Kill POSTER[2]

Women Who Kill opens in theaters July 26 and on VOD Aug. 29.

Women Who Kill
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