'Are you actually insane?' Good question.

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From director Matt Spicer and his co-writing partner David Branson Smith comes a freakish comedy about what happens when someone mistakes Instagram “likes” for actual meaning. That’s where we meet Aubrey Plaza’s Ingrid Thorburn, and in the new trailer for Ingrid Goes West, she develops an obsession with Elizabeth Olsen’s Taylor Sloane, an Instagram influencer.

Ingrid takes social media stalking to the levels of actual stalking when she becomes fascinated with Taylor’s curated lifestyle — and moves to California to hijack her life. Things, obviously, get odd when she shows up and steals Taylor’s dog as a ploy to become besties, tries to get a guy (Oshea Jackson Jr.) to pretend to be her boyfriend, and is ultimately found out by Taylor’s brother (Billy Magnussen).

“I’m not a psychopath, I just want to be her friend,” Ingrid rationalizes.

Credit: Neon

Neon — the distributor behind films like Colossal, Beach Rats, and The Bad Batch — unveiled a poster to go along with the trailer, one that packs in all the cast. Plaza, Olsen, and Jackson filmed a brief announcement message for the new preview.

Ingrid Goes West will open in theaters Aug. 11. Check out the trailer above.

Ingrid Goes West

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