They play a famous celebrity dwarf and a struggling journalist
Credit: Steffan Hill / HBO

Once upon a time, Hervé Villechaize was the most famous dwarf in the world. The actor had gained global recognition for his roles in The Man With the Golden Gun and the TV series Fantasy Island by the time he died by suicide in 1993. HBO Films’ upcoming movie My Dinner With Hervé, sets out to tell the story of what happened when Villechaize formed a one-night friendship with struggling journalist Danny Tate shortly before his death.

My Dinner With Hervé stars Peter Dinklage as Villechaize and Jamie Dornan as Tate, both of them appear in full early-’90s regalia in the first-look photo HBO released on Friday, and is written and directed by Sacha Gervasi.

A journalist himself, Gervasi was actually the last person to interview Villechaize before his death. The Tate role is informed by his real-life experiences, and as such, the night in question has life-changing consequences for both involved.

Check out the photo above. My Dinner With Hervé is still in production and does not yet have a release date.