See a first look at the new film with stars Melanie Lynskey and Justin Long

By Clark Collis
June 15, 2017 at 02:13 PM EDT

The new drama And Then I Go stars Arman Darbo as Edwin, a high school student who is picked on by both teachers and students while his parents try, but fail miserably, to understand his problems. His only friend is another alienated boy named Flake (Sawyer Barth), whose desire for vengeance in the face of their daily humiliations taps into Edwin’s insecurities, and leads them towards catastrophe.

Adapted from Jim Shepard’s novel Project X, director Vincent Grashaw’s film costars Melanie Lynskey, Justin Long, Tony Hale, Carrie Preston, Melonie Diaz, Royalty Hightower, and Michael Abbott Jr. And Then I Go receives its world premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival, June 16.

“From a plot perspective, And Then I Go is about a school shooting,” says Grashaw in his director’s statement. “An epidemic in the United States that has become part of our youth’s vocabulary. It’s in the aftermath of these tragedies when we long for answers. ‘Who would do this? How? WHY?’ Understandably, we point fingers at gun laws, mental illness, bullies, or the parents and teachers who don’t pay close enough attention. It’s cyclical and frustrating… While the topic of school shootings is divisive, my intention is not to make a bold statement about why these tragedies occur. There is no single answer, but I have always believed it’s easier to paint a perpetrator as ‘a monster’ or ‘evil’ simply to close the book on the matter. It may provide some closure, but in doing so, you’re unable to learn anything. Rather, the goal is to present audiences with an opportunity to go on a journey with two troubled kids in order to try and understand.”

You can see the new poster for And Then I Go as well as images from the film, below.

Credit: Nicholas Bateman (property of World of Color, LLC)
Credit: Pat Scola (property of World of Color, LLC)
Credit: Pat Scola (property of World of Color, LLC)