Director Patty Jenkins shared a list outlining the positive effect the movie had on a kindergarten class

By Nivea Serrao
June 12, 2017 at 09:19 AM EDT
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As Wonder Woman continues to do well at the box office (and on social media), the impact of the movie already is being felt.

Late Sunday night, director Patty Jenkins tweeted a list one of her producers had sent her outlining the effect the movie had on a kindergarten class in the week since the movie has been in theaters. Gal Gadot (a.k.a. Wonder Woman herself) also shared the post, noting that the list “gave me the chills.”

“On Monday, a boy who was obsessed with Iron Man told me he had asked his parents for a new Wonder Woman lunchbox,” the list began. “A little girl said, ‘When I grow up I want to speak hundreds of languages like Diana.'”

Other observations noted that one girl had her parents change her Beauty and the Beast birthday party to a Wonder Woman theme only three days before the big day, while seven girls playing together during recess decided that since they couldn’t all be Wonder Woman, they would be Amazons, and not fight but “work together to defeat evil.”

There’s also one young girl who won’t listen unless she’s addressed as Wonder Woman and another who eschewed her school uniform for Wonder Woman’s armor because she wanted “to be ready if she needed to save the world.” Yet another young girl came to class with a printed list of every single female superhero and their powers so that she and her classmates could avoid any problems when choosing roles at recess.

“Consider this your friendly reminder that if this movie completely changed the way these girls and boys thought about themselves in a week,” said the list writer at the bottom of it. “Imagine what the next generation will achieve if we give them more movies like Wonder Woman.”

Jenkins tweeted the note with the comment, “Absolutely incredible! This makes every hard day worth it. Thank you to whomever wrote it!!”

Gadot also retweeted the note adding, “Wow the last paragraph really gave me the chills. So true. So powerful. Gives me a huge drive to dive in and work on the next one.”

See the full list, along with Jenkins and Gadot’s tweets, below.

Wonder Woman is currently in theaters.

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