Filmmaker Richard Donner may have celebrated his 87 birthday in April, but Mel Gibson and Danny Glover don’t think he’s too old for this s–.

During a special tribute to Donner on Wednesday night, the original Lethal Weapon stars praised their director’s cinematic prowess and entreated him to get back behind the camera.

“We’re trying to get him off his seat,” Gibson said while bantering with Glover. “Get off your a–, Dick, and make Lethal — no, we’ll probably call it Flaccid Weapon.”

Or “Lethal Hemorrhoids,” Glover offered.

“There you go,” Gibson said. “It’ll be fantastic!”

Gibson and Glover joined a lineup that also included Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige, DC Entertainment honcho Geoff Johns, screenwriter Brian Helgeland, actress Rene Russo, and Donner’s wife, movie producer Lauren Shuler Donner. The event was hosted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

At one point Glover recalled how Donner convinced him and Gibson to make a fourth Lethal Weapon movie: “He promised us if we’d do Lethal Weapon 4, we’d both win Oscars.”

Gibson guffawed, then added, “I think the original title on that script was Dick and Lauren Need a Third Vacation Home.”

The actor went on to describe Donner as “a master storyteller,” then followed up with another zinger. “He knew all the technical aspects of film,” Gibson said. “He’s forgotten more stuff than most of us ever learn — and now he’s forgotten more stuff than that, I’m sure.”

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