Patton Oswalt hosted the meetup

By Oliver Gettell
June 06, 2017 at 09:59 PM EDT
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A potential Hellboy feud has been averted, thanks in no small part to Patton Oswalt.

On Monday evening, the actor, comedian, and pop-culture aficionado tweeted a photo of a “summit dinner” during which he apparently brokered a peace treaty between Ron Perlman, the star of two previous Hellboy movies, and David Harbour, who is set to play the titular demon in a planned cinematic reboot.

Describing the meetup as a “smashing success,” Oswalt joked he now wants to start a pop duo called Hellboyz.

Harbour quoted Oswalt’s tweet and added, “I’d follow these two into the gates of hell…”

Perlman also shared the photo on social media and gave Harbour his blessing. “Not since Bill Clinton, Menachem Begin, and Anwar Sadat has there been such an epic summit [yielding] such a little result!” he wrote. “Apparently Patton Oswalt aka balvenieboy thought it was a good idea to host @DavidKHarbour and yours truly for a detente dinner. The result: i gained 3 pounds and ruined my liver. Meanwhile, good luck kid! Signed, the babe.”

The powwow came a month after Hellboy creator Mike Mignola announced that an R-rated re-imagining of the supernatural franchise was in the works, with Neil Marshall directing and Harbour starring.


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