Le Fou has a run-in with the castle's most unlucky enchanted inhabitant.

When it comes to the magical household items inhabiting the castle of Beauty and the Beast, there can be no more unfortunate soul than Monsieur Toilette.

Not only is he unlucky in the task bestowed upon him by that enchantress, but he was also cut from the final film.

In the Blu-ray release of the live-action remake, however, Monsieur Toilette gets his moment to sparkle.

EW has an exclusive clip of Josh Gad’s Le Fou in the villagers vs. furniture battle scene as Gaston’s toadie takes shelter from the melee by locking himself safely in the bathroom.

He is not prepared for the burbling, surly presence he meets there. It’s unclear what exactly transpires between them, but obviously Le Fou will not be the same.

One final note: You can’t really tell from this clip, but Monsieur Toilette was voiced by Hello Ladies actor Stephen Merchant (most recently seen as Caliban in Logan).

It was probably a good thing that Monsieur Toilette ended up circling the drain.


Beauty and the Beast (2017)
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  • 129 minutes
  • Bill Condon