The two find themselves on a snowy mountain, a long way from home


Depending on the circumstances, the briefest of connections can have monumental consequences. So it is in The Mountain Between Us, the new film from Oscar-nominated director Hany Abu-Assad (Omar). Idris Elba and Kate Winslet star as two wayward travelers who both need to get on a flight home — Elba to perform an emergency surgery on a patient in Baltimore, and Winslet to get married. Unfortunately, their plane crashes, the pilot dies, and the two soon find themselves stranded among snowy mountains.

How the two will survive is anyone’s guess, but dying alongside a stranger seems like the most absurd possibility of all. As the new trailer shows, the mountain does not lack for danger. In addition to the cold and dark, there are also mountain lions and slippery slopes. At one point, Winslet accidentally falls through thin ice, leaving Elba little indication of how to rescue her.

The Mountain Between Us is set to hit theaters on Oct. 20. Check out the trailer above.