By Nicole Sperling
May 31, 2017 at 09:00 AM EDT
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There’s another wonder woman coming to theaters this summer and she’s wearing thigh-high leather boots. In Atomic Blonde, out July 28, Charlize Theron plays Lorraine Broughton, a British spy sent to Berlin, circa 1989, to investigate an espionage ring that just killed one of her colleagues.

In this exclusive clip, above, you can witness the true collaboration between Theron and her stunt choreographer-turned-director David Leitch. The duo trained for months mastering a series of complex fighting tricks including attacking multiple foes, which she does with panache in this scene opposite armed men who are not happy with her entering the apartment of her fallen comrade.

Leitch says he was able to add to the choreography of the piece because of Theron’s aptitude with the stunts. “When you have someone who can do it, you have a lot more freedom in how you want to express it visually,” he says. “In terms of martial arts style, she gave me the flexibility to do everything I wanted to do.”

Atomic Blonde

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