By Oliver Gettell
May 29, 2017 at 08:00 PM EDT

Sci-fi specialist Neill Blomkamp is serving up a taste of Oats Studios, his new venture creating experimental short films for distribution online.

On Monday the District 9 and Elysian filmmaker unveiled an enigmatic but visually striking teaser trailer for Oats Studios Volume 1, with glimpses of reptilian aliens, desperate humans, and dystopian warfare.

“We were once mankind,” an ominous voice-over says. “We were humanity. They came here to exterminate us. The new world altered everyone. Adapt or die, it was as simple as that.”

Details about Oats Studios are still somewhat scarce, but according to Blomkamp’s Twitter account, most of the offerings will be available free on YouTube, while a select few will be sold via the gaming platform Steam and bundled with additional content. The end goal is for the shorts to spawn feature films — not unlike how District 9 grew out of Blomkamp’s short Alive in Joburg.

Oats Studios Volume 1 will be streaming soon, according to the teaser. Watch it above.