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A pint-sized movie buff in Wyandotte, Michigan picked an unexpected theme for his fourth birthday party: Robin Williams’ 1993 comedy Mrs. Doubtfire.

When it came to planning her son Evan’s fourth birthday party, Laura Kowalski had a few ideas for a theme, including soccer, bugs, and her son’s other hobbies. None of that piqued Evan’s interest. Instead, he was adamant that his party’s theme be the classic tale of Daniel (Williams), who dresses up as an elderly Scottish housekeeper to stay close to his family.

“I tried to talk him into doing just a soccer cake, like [Matthew Lawrence’s character has] in the beginning of the film, but that wasn’t good enough,” Kowalski told EW. “So I had to figure out how to make it possible.”

Credit: Courtesy of Laura Kowalski

How exactly do you throw a Mrs. Doubtfire bash? Well, you have a cake featuring Mrs. Doubtfire herself (Evan insisted it be the scene with the pie in her face), personalized “dear” gift bags, and “It was a run by fruiting” fruit kabobs.

Credit: Courtesy of Cakes by Sweetypants
Credit: Courtesy of Laura Kowalski
Credit: Courtesy of Laura Kowalski
Credit: Courtesy of Laura Kowalski
Credit: Courtesy of Laura Kowalski

When asked whether they considered hiring someone to dress up as her son’s favorite character, Kowalski says the idea was floated, but they couldn’t quite find the perfect candidate to don the wig and broom.

No word yet on a theme for Evan’s fifth birthday party, but may we suggest Jumanji? Who knows, Dwayne Johnson might show up to promote the new film.

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