By Joey Nolfi
May 22, 2017 at 05:15 PM EDT
Antony Jones/Getty Images

For most of us, it’s difficult to accept being wrong — especially when it comes to routine acts we’ve performed (improperly!) for years. Yes, you’ve probably worn a pair of jeans at some point in your life, but unless you’re Isabelle Huppert, you haven’t been doing it correctly.

The recent Academy Award nominee, whose gale-force talents made landfall on the shores of southern France this weekend with two Cannes titles — one, Happy End, in competition, and the other, Claire’s Camera, debuting as a special screening — bucked festival tradition Sunday at the latter’s photo call, leaning on Palais fixtures (as it obviously takes a palace to support a queen) and flexing her maverick fashion sensibilities with a pair of headline-grabbing, high-waisted jeans.

Let’s relive the magic of the moment, shall we?

Epsilon/Getty Images

That smirk! She’s a vision and she knows it, serving looks with her jeans and looks with her actual face.

Epsilon/Getty Images

At age 64, may we all look like this as we watch from the sidelines as young children slay the competition on the field at a sports function.

Anthony Harvey/FilmMagic

So cool and collected. This dynamic pose screams, “I’ll snatch your wig (and your Best Actress prize).”

Epsilon/Getty Images

Continuing the sentiment, Huppert actually placed her hands atop her head, as if to remind us, “Hold on to your wigs! I’m coming for them this year.”
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So, children, what have we learned from everyone’s favorite Piano Teacher? This summer, think of Isabelle Huppert each time you slip on your favorite pair of casual, well-worn jeans; just know that somewhere, someplace, she’s busy doing it better.