Credit: Sony Pictures

The Emoji Movie is taking the Wreck-It Ralph and Inside Out approach for the world of emoji. In the new trailer, released online Tuesday, Sony Pictures reveals the secret inner-workings underneath your smartphone screens. Just like Ralph and his journey through the world of video games to prove he’s more than his programming, Gene, the Meh emoji (voiced by Silicon Valley‘s T.J. Miller), is on a mission to break the mold.

In this world, emoji can’t be anything beyond their signature facial expressions, but Gene is multifaceted. Determined to be different, he embarks on an adventure to change his coding with the help of his BFF Hi-5 (voiced by James Corden) and the code-breaker emoji Jailbreak (voiced by Anna Faris).

Along the way, they’ll venture through the lands of The Loser Lounge, where the rarely used emoji reside; the Fire Wall, which takes the form of a digitized wall of fire; the Candy Crush app; and Textopolis, the city where all your favorite emoji live.

There’s Poop emoji (Patrick Stewart), Akiko Glitter from the Just Dance app (Christina Aguilera), the Flamenco Dancer emoji (Sofia Vergara), and many more.

The Emoji Movie will hit theaters on July 28. Watch the trailer in the video above.

The Emoji Movie
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